The Order of Mission (UK) is a company limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales – No. 4780525. Registered Charity No. 1100206
The Order of Missions Global Office is an association under Danish law - CVR: 36617799

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United Kingdom

The UK is the birth place of The Order of Mission (TOM) and as such currently has the highest membership.


UK Membership (Jan 2019)
130 Permanent Members
39 Temporary Members
67 Associate members
21 Explorers


​If you would like to contact TOM UK please email the TOM UK Administrator by clicking here.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead for reviewing safeguarding policy, good practice and training within the life of the Order of Mission in the UK is Rev. Gareth Irvine, Vicar of St Laurence’s Foleshill in the Diocese of Coventry.  You can contact him here 


The address of TOM-UK is: 

   The Order of Mission UK

   St Thomas Church

   Nairn Street, Sheffield, S10 1UL


The Senior Leader has elected the following Leadership to serve across the UK:


UK Chair
Anne Maclaurin (Cambridge)


The Order of Mission (TOM) has a significant presence in Scandinavia.


Scandinavian Membership (Jan 2019)
32 Permanent Members
55 Temporary Members
3 Associate members
2 Explorers


The Senior Leader has elected the following Leadership to serve across Scandinavia:


Scandinavian Chair
Henrik Holmgaard (Aalborg, Denmark)

Other Scandinavian Leadership

Ann-Sofie Nissen (Copenhagen)

If you would like to contact TOM Scandinavia please email the Regional Administrator by clicking here.


Read a Danish presentation of TOM (in Danish)

The Norwegian theologian Knut Tveitereid has made a paper for DanskOase about some of the issues in some of the literature of 3DM. Here you find TOM's response to that paper (in Danish).



Central Europe

Central Europe is currently a developing area for TOM.


Membership (Jan 2019)
11 Permanent Members
25 Temporary Members
7 Associate Members

Central European Leadership
Reinhold Krebs (Herrenberg, Germany)
Werner Schleifenbaum (Selters, Germany)

Roger Keller (Kreuzlingen, Switzerland)

There is no Regional Administrator currently located in Central Europe but if you would like to contact TOM regarding this region please contact the Global Office.