Leadership within the Order of Mission (TOM) is structured through the elected Senior Leader, a regionally appointed Leadership with a selected Chair in each region.


Keld Dahlmann is the Senior Leader of TOM. Keld also serves half time as a mission pastor in 'Aarhus Valgmenighed', a Lutheran Church in Aarhus, Denmark.


The role of the Leadership is to carry, guard and develop the spiritual vision and charism of the Order; leading by example of life as well as words, and watching over the Order to ensure it conforms to the teaching of the Christian church, encouraging the members towards a reflective dependence on the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Accountability to the wider church is maintained through Visitors (the Archbishop of York, England) . We believe that in this way we can avoid cumbersome hierarchical structures that hinder the dynamic apostolic move of the Kingdom, while at the same time maintaining a transparency of leadership throughout and to those from whom we derive our spiritual heritage.

Keld Dahlmann

Senior Leader

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