What is TOM?


For in-depth description, please see TOM's rule

TOM is a global network of missional leaders bound by covenant in proclaiming the Kingdom of God in the world. We are a family on mission committed to hearing the call of God on our lives and responding in obedience and faith. We are a movement born out of a desire to fully give ourselves to making disciples of Jesus, so that the Kingdom of God is extended where ever we are called and live our lives. 


Some members of TOM find themselves in full-time vocational ministry, but much of our Order are not paid to “do” the work of Jesus. We are people called to serve and influence within whatever context and culture we live and work: cities and rural areas, developed and developing countries, business, education, arts, health and social care, public and private sector, family and church.


Members of TOM take vows to live their lives in purity, accountability and simplicity, so that the mission of God is not hindered. Read more in our Rule of Life

As an apostolic missional Order grounded in the global Anglican Communion we align ourselves theologically with this historical body of Christ, and as such, with the church today and the saints gone before we adhere to the Nicene Creed. 

Additionally, as a Missional Order, in response to the scriptural call of seeing fulfilled the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) in this current age, we align ourselves with the Cape Town Commitment

TOM is officially acknowledged by the ‘Advisory Council on the Relations of Bishops & Religious Communities’ as a religious community within the Church of England. 


Currently, there are close to 600 members of The Order of Mission worldwide.

For a wider understanding of the role of religious orders in protestant context we refer to the late Prof. Ralph Winter's article: The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission