An Update From Peru 

Mark & Anna Burgess - Lima, Peru

We are missionaries from Sheffield who have lived in Lima, Peru for the past 12.5 years. We have been members of TOM since 2008 and are the Guardians for Latin America. 


Peru is on a strict lockdown right now, like much of the world! For the past 30 days, only one adult member is allowed out to get food or medicine a day and nothing else. Some days there are complete curfews and no one is allowed out. Whilst the government has offered a small financial payment of £80/$US 100 to 9 million Peruvian families, many have not received any financial help and have had no income since lockdown began. 

The worst hit right now are Peruvians who lived day to day and who haven’t received government aid as well as the families of a million Venezuelan refugees who have immigrated to Peru in the past two years. They have families back in Venezuela who were depending on them and now they have no income as many were street sellers or casual restaurant staff. Many of them live together in houses and all of them without work, and with no family members they can call on for help. They have landlords threatening eviction and often young children to feed. 


Over the past five weeks, Oikos ministries (which Mark and Anna run in Lima Peru, and in Pucallpa in the Amazon jungle) has begun a food bank which has helped nearly 2000 people struggling with food vulnerability. The cost is just £12/$15 per person for a week’s worth of food and hygiene products. With the lockdown continuing for at least another two weeks, and economic hardship imminent afterwards, Oikos would like to continue to provide 120 local families a week with a food parcel.  This costs around £4000/$5000 a week. So far God has miraculously provided and we are believing this will continue!  

Please pray for us:


  1. For the funds to continue.

  2. To begin the process of discipling 200+ new contacts that are very open to us and the gospel.

  3. For Anna and Mark as this project has left us with little or no time. It is breaking our hearts daily, especially having to say no to people outside of our district. 


Thank you so much.


Love Mark, Anna, Daniel, Joel, Kaleb, and the Oikos team. 

Below is a video Mark and Anna made for one of the churches they're linked with in Sheffield followed by details on how you can give financially to hep with their work.

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