Things to Do in Cambridge

Generally, the Visit Cambridge website is worth a look. There is also a Visit Cambridge: Official Guide app which has lots of information.
If you want to catch a bus into the city centre you need to catch the Citi 2 which stops along Mill Road.

Places to visit

PUNTING - always worth doing if you are in Cambridge. It is quite expensive so it is good to club together with other people - six people to a punt. Options are:

  • Hire a punt and punt yourself along "the Backs" and see lots of colleges without having to pay to go in. Punts are available from either end or the middle - i.e. from Magdalen Bridge, Garret Hostel Lane or Silver Street.

  • Hire a punt and punt yourself from Silver Street the other way, out towards Grantchester village.

  • Go on a shared punt tour, where you buy a place in a punt which is chauffeured along the Backs and you get

    told about the history of the colleges

  • Go on a chauffeured punt tour - as for the shared punt, but you hire a whole punt.

There are a multitude of different rates though it is all expensive! It is generally worth booking online to get a discount. The "Visit Cambridge" website also offers discounted rates and family rates, and there are also discounts available elsewhere e.g. Tripadvisor  Scudamores  Trinity College


COLLEGES - there are many beautiful colleges to visit; most will charge admission but unfortunately do not give information online. Emmanuel is the closest to St Barnabas and has beautiful grounds, Downing is also spectacular. They are not on the Backs so will not be that expensive but will give a good idea of what a college is like (which is very nice!) A walk along the Backs on the opposite side of the river from the colleges will also give you some good views.

MUSEUMS - Cambridge is full of free museums which are part of the University. The largest is the Fitzwilliam Museum which also has a large art collection. Details of all the museums can be found here and there is a map here 



  • Fen Causeway / Lammas Land, which is large and next to the river. It has a huge paddling pool and plenty of space to run around, as well as lots of play equipment. 30-40 minute walk from St Barnabas’ with little legs but also has a car park.

  • Coleridge Recreation Ground (where we will have our picnic on Saturday)

  • Mill Road Cemetery is a lovely green space 

  • Parkers Piece is a big green space at the city centre end of Mill Road.

  • Romsey Recreation Ground – a 25-30 min walk from St Barnabas’ down Mill Road (away from the city centre) -

    smaller than Coleridge but good quality.

  • Jesus Green - beautiful playground and stunning green space along the River Cam - 30 min walk, with little legs a bit longer


THE BOTANIC GARDENS are very beautiful and could easily fill a morning or afternoon. Admission is £5.45 or free for under-sixteens. 

CHORAL MUSIC - there are sung services at Kings College Chapel and St John's College Chapel, both at 10.30am on Sunday morning. The choirs are world class and well worth going to hear. St John's also have a sung evensong at 6.30pm. These are the last sung services until term starts again in late September so there will be boys and students for whom it is their last appearance - they will probably be quite special! Entrance to these colleges is free for the purposes of going to a service.


SUNDAY MARKET in Market Square. Open 10am-4pm it sells a variety of local foods, arts and crafts.
Shopping. There are lots of big name shops and smaller independents in Cambridge City Centre which is a 15-20 minute walk away from St Barnabas’.


Booking is advisable if you want to guarantee a table at the time you want.


Mill Road

Pubs near Mill Road

The Youth Hostel, Tenison Road also has a café and bar which is open to the public

Cambridge City Centre - a 15 minute walk from St Barnabas’, where there are lots more options, of which the closer ones are: