TOM’s presence in South America has now more than tripled!!!

by Mark Burgess


For many years Anna and Mark (South American guardians) have been TOM's sole representatives in South America but following a fun and successful retreat at the beginning of December seven of our leadership here in Oikos (the ministry Anna and Mark lead here in Peru) decided to join and 5 of them took their vows at a leaving Barbecue for 2 of the Oikos families, who are moving back to the jungle, to plant a jungle base. 5 more of our leadership are due to join in the next weeks and months.

In addition we are planning to do another TOM retreat in the jungle in the next few months with the leaders of our of the 2 churches that have already been planted in the jungle. So as you can see TOM is now alive and well in South America both in Lima and in the Amazon jungle. If you would like anymore details about Oikos or TOM in Peru and South America and what we doing or would like to be more involved either financially or spiritually or would like to receive our prayer letter each month please email Mark (  

Please pray for Jose Fernandez, Sheyla Vazquez, Amelia Arevalo, Misael & Nelly Cruz (Liz 15, Erick 12, & Camilia 7), Roberth and Rosa Romaina (Lauren 4 & Elisabeth 6 months) who are now temporary members.
Also for Rafa and Saida Orneta (David 4, & Amanda 2) and Franck Escobar who are are discerning the right time to take their vows as temporary members.


Amelia receiving her cross and Sheyla her daughter watching


The Cruz Family


Mark praying for Jose after taking his vows.