TOM UK Safeguarding Policy
Updated January 2019


  1. Two Directors will DBS checked, without Barred List Information, and one will act as the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for TOM UK, and the other as an Assistant DSL.

  2. The DSL will complete the C. of E. National Safeguarding Training at Level C4.

  3. The DSL will ensure that UK Gatherings (and any other TOM UK event which runs sessions for under 18s) comply with relevant safeguarding legislation, and will carry out (or supervise) a risk assessment for each such Gathering, especially the under-18s sessions.

  4. The appointee will ensure that each under-18s group complies with any recommendations in the risk assessment, and with good safeguarding practice generally.

  5. Leaders of each under-18s group will be required to fill out and sign an Invited Worker form (see example in Appendix 1), which includes a summary of best practice, some guidelines and a confidential declaration.

  6. Any safeguarding incidents or disclosures will be reported to the UK authorities (where appropriate) and to the senior UK guardian and all the directors.

  7. This policy does not address vulnerable adults as TOM UK does not currently anticipate running events where regulated activity with vulnerable adults might take place.  If this should change, the policy will be adapted to include similar provisions for vulnerable adults.

You can read more about safeguarding in the UK expression of TOM on our TOM Europe regional page here.


The Order of Mission is a company limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales – No. 4780525. Registered Charity No. 1100206. The UK expression of the Order of Mission adheres to the Church of England SafeGuarding Guidelines - you can read our Safeguarding policy here. You can also find contact details for our designated Safeguarding Lead on our Europe regional page here.

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