Contextual Safeguarding Policy for The Order of Mission UK
Updated March 2021

Every person has a value and dignity which comes directly from the creation of male and female in God’s own image and likeness. Christians see this potential as fulfilled by God’s re-creation of us in Christ. Among other things this implies a duty to value all people as bearing the image of God and therefore to protect them from harm.

Statement of Safeguarding Principles

As an Order, we are committed to:

  • The care of, and respectful pastoral ministry with all children, young people and vulnerable adults

  • The safeguarding and protection of all children, young people and vulnerable adults

  • Establishing a culture where every member of the Order shares in the responsibility of creating a healthy safeguarding environment, and where concerns can be discussed in appropriate ways

  • Enabling victims of abuse to report or disclose abuse where they can find support, and developing best practice within the Order that contributes to the prevention of abuse


Within the Order of Mission (UK) we will:

  • Carefully select, support and train all those with any responsibility within the Order of Mission, in line with the principles of Safer Recruitment.

  • Acknowledge and investigate without delay any serious complaints made where a vulnerable adult, child or young person may have been harmed, cooperating with the DSA, police and local authority in any investigation.

  • Offer informed pastoral care and support to anyone who has suffered abuse as a result of the activities of the Order of Mission, or one of our officers or approved leaders, developing with them an appropriate ministry that recognises the importance of understanding the needs of those who have been abused, including their feelings of alienation and/or isolation.

  • Seek to protect survivors of abuse from the possibility of further harm and


  • Challenge any abuse of power, especially by anyone in a position of respect

    and responsibility, where they are trusted by others.

  • Offer appropriate support (including supervision and referral to the

    appropriate authorities) to any member of the community known to have

    offended against a child, young person or adult who is vulnerable.

  • Work with the Global TOM Office to develop appropriate Safeguarding

    practices in TOM regions outside of the UK and develop reporting processes for safeguarding activities, allegations or investigations outside of the UK

    As an Acknowledged Religious Community of the Church of England we will comply with all the House of Bishops’ safeguarding guidance and embed these into their practices where it is applicable, in accordance with the “Whole Church” approach. In all these principles we will follow legislation, guidance and recognised good practice in accordance with Safeguarding in Religious Communities (2020) (SiRC)

Key Aspects of Safeguarding in Context for The Order of Mission

  • The Trustees of the TOM UK charity will appoint a Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) for TOM UK. If the DSP is not a Trustee, one Trustee shall be appointed as a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person (DDSP).

  • The DSP will establish relationship with a relevant Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor and meet regularly for review and audit.

  • The DSP and the UK Chair of Guardians will complete the relevant C. of E. National Safeguarding Training at leadership level (or current equivalent)

  • A record of any relevant safeguarding training undertaken by Guardians & Trustees will be held and reviewed annually.

  • The appointment of Guardians & other leadership roles within TOM UK will be made in accordance with the principles of Safer Recruitment within SiRC

  • The DSP will ensure that UK Gatherings (and any other TOM UK event which runs sessions for under 18s, including online events) comply with relevant safeguarding legislation & guidelines. Gathering hosts must carry out a risk assessment for their Gathering.

  • Leaders of each under-18s group will be required to fill out and sign an Invited Worker form (see example in Appendix 1), which includes a summary of best practice, some guidelines and a confidential declaration.

  • Any safeguarding incidents or disclosures will be reported to the UK authorities via the DSA and Charities Commission (where appropriate) and to the Chair of the UK Guardians and all the Directors.

  • TOM UK does not currently anticipate running events where regulated activity with vulnerable adults might take place. If this should change, the policy will be adapted to include similar provisions for vulnerable adults.

  • An annual Safeguarding report will be presented at the AGM and made available to members and visitors on request.

  • Visitations by the Senior Visitor shall include a Safeguarding audit component.



Our Designated Safeguarding Person for TOM UK is:

Reverend Sarah Ashelby


Phone: 07793 279709


Our Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser is:

Sarah Price

Diocese of Coventry Safeguarding Adviser

Phone: 024 7652 1345


In addition to matters of safeguarding, we follow national guidelines on making a complaint1, reporting bullying or harassment2, and whistleblowing3. If you have concerns regarding any of these areas, you may contact either the DSP/DSA or:


Neil Shepherd

Chair of Trustees of the Order of Mission & Deputy Safeguarding Person

Phone: 07903 969115


Our Senior Visitor is:

Rt Rev Ric Thorpe


This safeguarding policy was adopted by the trustees of the Order of Mission UK on 4th March 2021

It will next be reviewed in January 2023.


Signed: Revd Neil Shepherd

On behalf of the trustees

Date: 4th March 2021

You can read more about safeguarding in the UK expression of TOM on our TOM Europe regional page here.

1 A handbook of Religious Life 5th Edition 2004 deals with this at page 67
2 The Church of England’s bullying and harassment policy can be found here

3 Protecting All God’s Children page 38