Rule of Life

TOM's Rule of Life describes who we are and how we want to live our lives. Read about:

  • Historical roots

  • Our Biblical foundation

  • The vows - the way we live

  • The values - who we are

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Our vows – the way we live:

  • Purity – We are pure because of the work of Christ, and we share the commitment to purity in our lives and our missional focus.

  • Accountability - We are convinced that accountability in relationships is necessary to live out our missional calling.

  • Simplicity – We identify the freedom of a life of simplicity as necessary for our missional calling.

Our community values – who we are

  • An extended family

  • A generous family

  • A family that supports the marriage covenant

  • A family that shares resources

  • A praying family

  • A family accessible for imitation


The Order of Mission is a company limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales – No. 4780525. Registered Charity No. 1100206. The UK expression of the Order of Mission adheres to the Church of England SafeGuarding Guidelines - you can read our Safeguarding policy here. You can also find contact details for our designated Safeguarding Lead on our Europe regional page here.

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