A liste of some of the inspiration that has shaped TOM and our practice and way of thinking. 

The Cape Town Commitment:


For a reflection on the role of religious orders/communities in a Protestant evangelical context:


For an introduction to the Biblical themes of Covenant & Kingdom 

  • Mike Breen: “Covenant & Kingdom - the DNA of the Bible”, 3DM publishing, 2017


"Life shapes” has been expressed, developed and applied in a variety of ways in different books, materials end teachings since its origin. These books are some of the most recent:

  • Nic Harding: Reimagine Church, Missio Publishing, 2018

  • Mike Breen: Building a Discipling Culture, 3DM publishing, 2017

  • Bob Rognlien: A Jesus Shaped Life, 3DM publishing, 2016.