Mission in Indonesia

Jacub Santoja is a long time member of TOM. Located in Indonesia he train and equips students to bring the gospel to Muslims.

What God the Father was doing begun to emerge when I were sent to England in 1993 to do Ph.D. research on Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. As a result of applying my invented theory of culture from the University to churches in Sheffield, I ended up in St. Thomas’ Church Crookes which was by that time became the successful joined project of Anglican, Baptist and Charismatic streams. It had been the most exciting time for me to focus my research on the presence of the Holy Spirit in St. TOM’s.


When I was about to leave for Indonesia, I prayed and sensed that the Lord would lead me to new frontiers of mission fields. It turned out to be true when Mission teams from the Order of Mission had been serving us in a number of visits to the Churches and Seminaries in Central and East Java. Despite the positive renewing lives of faith among the students and the members of the churches there, the oppositions to the presence of the Holy Spirit were quite fierce, until it ended with the dismissal of my positions as lecturer and pastor at the University and the Synod of Indonesian Christian Church.


Within 2 years of loosing my jobs, I spent most of the time in prayers seeking the will of the Father. I found out that I should put focus on evangelization for the majority of the people of Indonesia who are embracing Islam as religion.  As the communism had begun to collapse by the 1965’s in Indonesia and later on followed by the collapse of the Berlin wall, so I sensed that the problem of Islam in Indonesia would be the next stage of challenge for Indonesia and worldwide.


When the 911, 2001 terorists’ attack  broke,  it became evident that the world faced a new global challenge of domination by religious violence of Islamization. Since then the challenge has been increasing in every country of the world.

Within those 2 years period, I developed evangelism using Qur’an, combined with power evangelism.


Basically there are two stages of Qur’anic verses. The first originated from the era of Mekkah, known as peaceful verses and the second and subsequent came from the era of Medinah, known as the verses of war. Traditionally the latter has been used as the criteria for replacing the earlier. This has been the cause of practicing violence among Moslems. However, new approaches in the method of interpreting Qur’an has begun to shift toward leaving the replacement theory with the contextual one. Contextual reading of Qur’an demands scientific reading of scripture with historical approach.


Using history as scientific approach, the first part of Qur’an related closely to the Bible, while the second part needs to be read contextually as the case of emergency. Positive verses about Jesus said that He has the power of creation, healing and resurrection:


(“As the Apostle to the people of Israel (He said): ‘I have come to you with a sign (miracle) from your Lord, that is I have made for you [something] from earth with the shape of birth, then I blew it, then it turned into a bird with the permission of God. And I healed a man born blind and man of leprosy. And I raised the death with the permission of God,…Truly at these there is a sign [the truth of my apostleship] for you, if you are believers’ “ – Sura 3:49


John 9,11: “…He saw a man born blind… He went, and he washed himself, and he came back to be able to see” – John 9:1,7; “Father, I am grateful to You that You have listened to me,…I have said that they may believe that You have sent me” -John 11:41,42 ).


Based on those verses, I sent my students to pray in power for the people by inviting the Holy Spirit. After they prayed, miraculous events happened: broken bones of arms and legs got healed, businesses changed from failure into successful ones, and husband-wife relations restored. One family said that they regretted that such an experience of joy had not been happening earlier. All these miraculous events led them to the consciousness that Jesus is the divine, without involving themselves in the abstract doctrinal debate about His nature.


When the problem of the accusation of infidels appeared, I taught my students to use peaceful verses stating that Nazarens are the closest friend of Moslems (“… the closest friends of believers are the people who say: ‘Truly, we are Nazarenes’. This happened because among them there are priests and monks who are not proud of themselves”. -Sura 5:82). Instead of being judged as infidels, the new converts were remaining in their communities as their closest friends.

With the evident threats of Islamization everywhere I am ready to meet the emergency need of equipping every Christians to be disciples of Jesus in helping the Moslems to go back to their roots (radix) of their scripture in the Bible. This project of mobilizing discipleship would be the peaceful solution for saving the nations from the colonization process of Islamic State.