The Covenant Prayer Song

Arvid is probably the most well known worship leader in Denmark and serves as worship pastor in Aarhus Valgmenighed under the leadership of Keld Dahlmann. Arvid and his wife, Elise, are Temporary Members of TOM.


Arvid has composed a melody to go along John Wesley’s (and TOM’s) covenant prayer because he finds that we tend to believe what we sing. Here are some questions Arvid to time to answer:


Why have you written a song on the covenant prayer?

Years ago I attended an Exploration event and the covenant prayer fascinated me. It’s such a radical prayer about surrendering to God in all things, and in that way it’s counter cultural in almost any sense. God doesn’t exists just for me, or my nuclear family’s sake. We exists for him and actually there is great hope in that. No matter our situation or immediate experience God is still God, and he will never be God on my premises. He is really different and I like that Otherness about him. So the covenant prayer challenges me like crazy, and in that sense the song expresses my own longing and prayer. I’ve tried to keep the text as close to John Wesley’s as possible out of respect for this profound prayer.


How does mission look in your life?

Elise and I have been entrusted with a great home that we seek to make a place for Gods presence. Last year we started a missional community with base in our home. We meet for a shared meal once a week and our feeling has been that Elise and I were just catalysts for something that God was up to. We actually don’t do that much, but people just started inviting other people to our community. During the last year we have seen 3 persons coming to Christ, and that just amazes us since that is quite unusual in a Danish context and when we feel we have done so little. 

What is TOM for you and your family?

It’s very important for us, that TOM is something we’re part of as a family. I work in our local church, but in TOM Elise and I journey together as equals and with shared vision and practice. Here we both find accountability for living as a family on mission.

Furthermore, it really means a lot to us to be part of a international family of people working with discipleship and mission, because here we meet people who are actually not like us. It stretches us in a good way to see what God does in other contexts that our own.