First of all I just want to greet the whole Global TOM family! I am so glad to be part of a family where we share the same DNA and dream of God’s Kingdom coming. It is always a reason for me personally to keep going because I know I am part of a global community that is cheering us on


Pray with us

Here in the Scandinavian region we would like to ask for your prayers. A lot of battle has been going on around TOM the last year. There has been a lot of criticism from people outside of TOM, so please pray for protection and breakthrough in this battle. 


Talking about prayer I have always felt a stirring sense of God’s presence when praying with other TOM members. A few months ago we gathered the TOM members in Copenhagen and it was a great day with talks, food, coffee and laughter. When we prayed I just felt God saying: “this is your weapon!”


As a family on mission breakthroughs in mission come when we come together and start praying and acting. So I would like to encourage all of us to build that rhythm into our lives to pray with other TOM members to see God’s Kingdom come and to understand our true identity in God.



I think we all long to see more of God working in our lives and being able to share that with other people. Personally I can get frustrated of not seeing more of God. But after talking to other TOM members about it, I was challenged to look more closely for what God was already doing in my context. And then a few days later I was at my local coffee shop. I know the owner and he knows I’m a Christian. So I was standing in the queue waiting to order my coffee. Then I hear the owner say to the customer in front of me: “you should get Thomas to pray for you - it works!” The customer was a little puzzled but I just smiled and said that it is true that it works, Then the customer said: “Let me try”. So there in the middle of the coffees hop I got to pray for her. And I even got a word for her. I share this story because God is at work. He is just waiting for his people to see it and join him. 




Thomas Willer