Serving the Poor and Marginalized

Testimony and update by Robert & Jayne Franklin, Champions


A month and a half ago 30 adults and children from TOM, interested in the vision stream “Serving the Poor and Marginalized” met at GO:Sheffield. Here they shared stories and heard about the vision for this stream. 


For those that don't know, GO:Sheffield was a weekend of serving and blessing 3 more deprived communities in the city partnering with 11 churches. TOM members interested in this stream joined a number of young adults as they did just this.


The GO: Sheffield team asked the churches and communities what they needed and we were able to: clear, plant and build raised beds in a community garden and drop in centre; have skips placed around a community and offered to clear rubbish and wash cars, clean and clear the play area and garden at a children’s family centre and helped with a local football tournament. Whilst this was going on groups went out to prayer walk and knock on doors to hand out sweets and offer to pray for households.


The weekend finished with Family Fun Days with craft and food, and opportunities for people to receive prayer and prophecy.


One young man's knee was healed, a young woman who had been held up at knife point whilst working in a local shop was prayed for and  the manager of the shop said she would ask the whole staff team who had been involved in similar incidents if they would like prayer; young adults who had said they would not go out and door knock because they were too afraid to do so, after seeing how it was done, went out door knocking and prayed for people!! Since the weekend the local churches and Sheffield FORM have revisited some of the places/people that were served over the weekend.


On the Friday evening, TOM members met together for food, sharing and prayer. We shared what we feel God is calling us to as the vision stream “Serving the Poor and Marginalized”. We sense He is inviting us: 


1) To 'lock our shields' together as different expressions of mission in this stream, as we “gather” in prayer and worship and humility.


3) To inspire young adults to be missionaries in this mission field and to disciple and release them.


3) To keep going till we see those we are reaching become 'oaks of righteousness' displaying Gods amazing restoration power, who themselves become effective agents of restoration. (Isaiah 61) 


We are very grateful to all the young adults who organised Go:Sheffield and the TOM members who came to be part of this weekend. We are excited to see how this develops.

God is so Good, so Glorious, so Graceful.  Thank you Lord for answered prayers.


Prayer needs we are aware of:  As the extended family has grown, we’ve seen or felt anxieties about losing relationships, fear of sickness, fear of change, and struggles with depression. It’s hard to see something good growing and not fear the weeds. 


As with many breakthroughs, battles are often just around the corner; as soon as our trip ended and we were all back home, sickness plagued nearly every family, making it impossible to gather, and we’re in a mini rebuild at the moment. We also are in prayer that people would grow from having a heart of love for those “in” to include having a heart of love for those “out” extend and add a leaf to the table.