Donate to TOM (global)

The Order of Mission (TOM) relies on gifts and donations for the sound administration, growth and development of the Order. We are thankful for any gift!

If you are not part of a regional expression of TOM you can donate through PayPal. 

Member Giving - (regional)

Members of TOM are encouraged to tithe to the local expression of church that they serve. However we also encourage members to contribute financially to the work of the Order.


TOM does not seek to employ anyone or own anything apart from that which is immediately necessary for the sound administration of the Order. We are a missionary movement, seeking to live a corporate life that is both light-weight and low-maintenance.

We encourage each individual member to contribute a minimum of $20 USD or £15 GBP or equivalent per month to The Order of Mission which functions as a charity or non-profit within the laws for religious communities for whichever country each community exists.

Please contact your regional administrator to set up regular member giving. Any questions, please contact us.