Discipling new people

Testimony from Julie Dalsgaard, Permanent member, Denmark

Hi! I am Julie and I am married to Johan. Together we have two wonderful boys, David and Jonathan. I have been staying at home with them for the last 3 years.

Two years ago my husband Johan was ordained as minister in the National Church in Denmark. The congregation “Karlslunde Strandkirke” is situated 40 km south of Copenhagen. A large number of people in the congregation has come to faith as young or adults, and we still see people come to faith on a regular basis.


In the spring, God called me to start a small group for women who are curious about God and faith or women who have recently come to faith. I have a great passion for serving women - in particular women who are vulnerable. It has looked different in different seasons of life whether I have been single, married, studying, working or on maternity leave.

My former small group were about to split because we were too many. When I presented my vision for a new group, I met opposition from some of the others. Thanks to God for his faithfulness and for my husband who continually supported me in doing what God had called me to do.

The new small group started in August, and we are now 7 women gathering. We meet every second week. We gather to learn more about who God is and what He wants to say to us. We sing together. We read a chapter from Acts and first we talk about what we don’t understand as many of the women are reading the text for the very first time. Then we talk about what challenges or speak to us from the text. It is amazing to read the Bible with people who read it for the first time!

Afterwards we take turns sharing what we are challenged by and grateful for personally. There is a wonderful honesty, vulnerability and care for each other. We end by praying for each person present.


Some of the women in the group have said things like:

  • “Since I became a christian my anxiety has decreased.”

  • “Every time we are praying it is becoming easier and easier to connect with God.”

  • “Thank you that you saw the need to start up this group. It has given me so much. I am learning so much from reading the Bible especially because all my questions can be answered.”


My greatest challenge in leading this small group is that many of the women are vulnerable and therefore often challenged by meeting on a regular basis. It is a continual process and balance how much I should challenge these women on their commitment to the group. I do feel privileged to be leading this group. These women are so enriching to have fellowship with and they are giving me so much.


Prayer requests:

  • For God to continually transform these women’s lives.

  • For God to bring inner healing to the women in the group suffering from anxiety, depression, illness and family issues.

  • For the atheist in our small group to surrender to His love.