Meet the Spahrs - a family on mission

Hi everyone!  We are the Spahr family — Brian, Michelle, Zachary (9) and Marin (6).  We are just an ordinary family learning to live in the extraordinary grace of God.  We reside in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Brian is the pastor at Come2Go Ministries, a church located in downtown Fort Wayne, and a Coach/Consultant for 3dm US.  His greatest passion is sharing Jesus with his family, community and city.  Michelle is also a coach with 3dm and enjoys homeschooling her kids.  Next to her family, Michelle’s greatest passion is to share with women the abundant life Jesus has for them.

Discipling our kids and living as a ‘Family on Mission’ is a top priority for us.  God has given our family a vision for welcoming other families into ours.  We invite them to see and experience how we do life and challenge them to imitate our faith patterns.  We are not perfect at it.  Sometimes it’s really messy. We are constantly humbled at how God works when we open ourselves up to the mission He gives us.

Everywhere we go, we see families trying to survive life.  We want them to learn to thrive, not just survive.  Living life together is the way to do just that.  In community, we encourage one another, lift each other up, laugh, grieve, cry, sing and pray together.   This is what Oikos is all about.  


We spent 5 years in North Carolina before moving to Indiana.  We started our first Missional Community there.  It turned out to be more of a dinner club than a MC.  We struggled to find people who wanted to commit to living as a family on mission, but we did not give up.   We eventully met a family with two kids.  Mom homeschooled.  Dad worked from home. She took the kids to church.  He struggled with his faith and hardly attended.  But they became fast friends and wanted to do life with us.  God had sent us people of peace.  So much so that when the time came for us to move to Indiana, this couple felt like God was calling them to follow us. This couple now lives in Fort Wayne.  They lead parts of our ministry at Come2Go and are a key part of our present missional community. 


Our Missional Community takes place on Sunday evenings. We eat dinner together, and spend intentional time sharing our faith and love of Christ.  There are weeks when our house is busting with kids and parents, grandparents too!  We eat together, pray together, play together and worship together. It’s loud and a can feel a bit chaotic some weeks. We do not always get through our ‘agenda’ for the evening either, but we love this extended family we are building, and value the time we spend together.


Our Sunday evening gatherings have introduced us to new people of peace.  Whether they attend our church or not,  the relationships we are growing are such a blessing.  We spend holidays together and enjoy activities like swimming and sledding and camping.  Adults and kids are building life long friendships.  This is what Family on Mission is all about.  We need each other, and we need to know that we are not in this alone. 


Being a member of The Order of Mission connects us to the greater body of Christ.  We know that we have brothers and sisters who are doing similar things around the world.  Lives are being changed.  Hearts are being renewed.  The Kingdom of God is breaking through all around us.  This is the abundant life Christ has for all! 

When we open our lives to share with others the love we have in Jesus and the way we live out that love, God brings Kingdom breakthrough.  Even with the challenges of time, health, schedules and messiness, we can not think of a better way of doing life!  Our family is a Family on Mission to awaken families to new life in God’s grace.  And we love it, the highs and lows, we love it all!