Community Life


We believe in community that functions like a family.  In a family there are different stages of family life, different expressions of family life and different relationships within the family.


There are times when we will live very closely with others, sharing and integrating our lives for the purpose of seeing God’s kingdom breaking through.  In other seasons God may call us to move, share our lives with others. A new expression of relationship develops that encourages the continuing work of God in our lives and communities.  Our commitment to each other remains the same, but the expression of this commitment changes.  We bear both the cost and the blessing of being called to be a missionary people.  We hold each other lightly with open hands, embracing God-inspired movement and change.

However scattered a family becomes, they need to arrange to meet. And that’s what we do in TOM. We encourage TOM members to grow in relationship with each other – to meet together, share meals, retreat together, serve each other, travel to be together and support one another in mission and prayer.


We have Gatherings where larger numbers of us come together to celebrate, share stories, pray, learn from each other and stand together with those taking their temporary and permanent vows. These Gatherings usually occur on an annual / bi-annual basis.


Every six years we hold an International Gathering where TOM members from all over the world gather together to celebrate the life of the Order.


The Chapter

The Chapter of the Order consists of all those who are Permanent Members of The Order of Mission.   Due to the dispersed and developing nature of TOM we are reflecting on how The Chapter functions. The decisions of the Chapter represent the highest authority of the Order. The Chapter is responsible for electing the Senior Leader of the Order.